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About Katana Techworks Inc.

Katana Techworks Inc. has been in business since 2004. We provide software development outsourcing services to clients here in the Philippines and abroad.

What makes Katana different from most companies in the Philippines?

Zeal for Learning

As professionals in today’s global market, we must never stop learning. With a highly skilled team, the company is more effective and more productive.


Advancement is based on your performance and not your seniority.

Team Work

The company’s success is not only tied to how effective an individual is. Its success is also tied to how effectively and efficiently each person cooperates with each other.

Thinking of joining?

If you are interested in joining our team, then send us an e-mail at Please include answers to the questions posted below. It is also possible to send your answers in a video.

Questions for you.

Please include answers to the questions posted below. A better idea would be for you to send your answers in a video. Reach us at

  1. Describe the kind of development are you currently doing?

  2. Tell us about a software development problem and how you solved it.

  3. Share a time you had a conflict with another employee and how was it resolved?

  4. What is your process to test and find bugs in an application?

  5. Do you have a passion project?

  6. What do you imagine yourself doing in 5 years?

We’re excited to hear from you or watch your video.

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